Murchison Falls National Park- Wildlife Safaris

The park is known for a variety of wildlife lying in the northern part of Uganda. The park has got an open savannah where antelopes can be spoted in bigger numbers, the african Elephants, giraffes, warthogs, bushbarks, lions and leopards, the olive baboons and schools of hippos in the Nile River.

A variety of unique habitats and lots of superb birds make a visit to this park a must for every bird watcher. The birding experience here greatly enhanced by the abundant multiplicity of habitats including savannas, forests, scenic landscapes and the marvelous waters of the Victoria Nile with spectacular Falls for which the park is named.

A stroll through the dry thorn scrub between the Paraa Rest Camp and the ferry crossing should produce Blue-naped Mouse bird, Spotted Morning Thrush, Silver Bird, Buff-bellied Warbler, Black-headed Batis, Black-headed Gonolek, chestnut-crowned Sparrow Weaver, Vitelline Masked weaver and Green-winged Pytilia. This is probably the most reliable site in Uganda for the localized White-rumped Seedeater. Situated just outside the park boundary downstream from Paraa, Nile Safari Camp offers superb birding in a truly idyllic setting. This place commands magnificent views of the Victoria Nile and this is one of the very few places where the SHOEBILL may be seen sharing the habitat with Goliath Heron, Saddle-billed Stork, Grey Crowned and Long-toed Lapwing while the African skimmer patrol adjacent stretches of the River