Mount Elgon National Park

The best birding area in this Park is along the "Mountain Bamboo Trail", a 7km loop that traverses a variety on montane habitats. The trail crosses the Chebonet River, then ascends steeply to the southern rim of the Gorge, passing a number of fig trees that attract an impressive variety of frugivores that include Olive Pigeon, Slender-billed and Mountain Greenbuls, Red-winged, Slender-billed, Waller's and Stuhlmann's Starlings, Grey-throated Barbet and Montane Oriole are all conspicuous when these trees fruit.

The Open Forest on this slope is also a good area to scan for the localized Forest Wood-hoopoe, Purple-throated Cuckoo Shrike and Sharpe's Starling.

The Red-fronted Parrot has been recorded but there are recent reports of this species, known in Uganda only from Mount Elgon. Other Species of interest include; Jackson's and Moorland Francolins, Eastern Bronze-naped Pigeon, Hartlub's Turaco, Red-chested Owlet, Bar-tailed Trogon, Moustached Green Tinkerbird