6 Days Kidepo and Murchison Falls, Uganda Tour of Wildlife

Day 1: Northern Uganda Drive

Early morning drive from Kampala / Entebbe to Kitgum town through the towns along the Northern Uganda route namely; Luweero, Kigumba, Bweyale, Kamudini and Gulu. Driving northern enables us go through a cross section of Uganda's fragmented eco - geographical zones; diminishing rain forests, savanna woodland and grasslands, water bodies (River Nile), semi-arid areas. Driving through Northern Uganda gives us a chance to see the effects of Lord's Resistance Army war of Joseph Kony who fled to Central African Republic. Because it is impossible to drive direct to Kidepo valley in one day due to the distances involved, a sleep is made in Kitgum town.

Day 2: A drive to Kidepo valley park

Early morning drive from Kitgum town to the remotest but highly bio-diverse park of Kidepo Valley. This drive allows us to go through the "Karamajongs" a primitive tribal community and a cattle-keeping people who are adapting slowly to changes to their traditional way of life. Kidepo Valley National Park boasts of a total of 86 mammal species, which makes it the National Park with the third highest number of games in Uganda. It protects a far greater variety of large mammals than any other national park in Uganda. There are 28 species found nowhere else in Uganda. There is a checklist counting 463 confirmed and 26 unconfirmed bird species.

Entering from Katurum gate in midmorning a number of animals like; striped and spotted hyena, the greater and lesser Kudu, Jackson's hartebeest, Oribis and many others can be seen before reaching Apoka Tourism Information Centre for lunch. And then an afternoon game drive before residing in the available accommodation of your choice.

Day 3: Kidepo Valley Uganda Tour of Wildlife

Take a morning game drive to Kanangorok hot spring and to the Narus Valley after an early morning breakfast. The tracks of this park supports animals like elephants, Cape buffaloes, Rothchild's, Giraffes, Burchell's Zebras, Cheaters, Lions, Leopards, Guenther's Dik diks, Common Elands, Bohor reedbucks among others. Important Birds to be seen include; the Giant Ostrich, Bustards, Secretary birds, Karamoja Apalis among others. After having lunch at Apoka we proceed to Karenna and Kadepo for a cultural performance (alternative activity) given by the native Karamajong people. Enjoy dinner and night at Apoka.

Day 4: Kidepo Valley to Murchison

Set off early morning from Kidepo valley National Park to Pakwach, a peripheral town to Murchison Falls National park. This drive again goes through Kitgum and Gulu from where an en route lunch can be enjoyed. A variety of accommodation facilities are available around Pakwach town

Day 5: Murchison Falls - Uganda Tour of Wildlife

An Early game drive is made on the northern bank of River Nile entering the park by Tangi gate. The park is dotted with Borasses palms, acacia species that are food to elephants and Roth Child's Giraffes, the drive allows us to see elephants, savanna buffaloes, Harte beests, Uganda kobs. Birds like African hoopoes, Martial eagles, White backed and Griffon's vultures. Elusive cats like lions and leopards can luckily be seen close to the delta where river Nile enters into Lake Albert. The climax of this game drive is summarized by the view of numerous semi- aquatic hippos at the "hippo pool" where they rest from after an overnight grazing.

An afternoon boat cruise on the waters of the Nile where the falls are visited from down. A variety of animals like water bucks, elephants can be seen. The Nile crocodile can be seen basking on the banks of the river. An overnight in one of the lodges close to the Nile River.

Day 6: End of Uganda Tour - Murchison Falls Park

Drive back to Kampala City / Entebbe town through the towns of Masindi, Nakasongola and Luweero