3 days Murchison Falls Uganda Tour

Day 1: The Rhinos and Top of the Falls - Uganda Tour

This package of Uganda tour is started from Entebbe town or Kampala to the Western part of Uganda. The day is characterized by two main activities; an en route visit to the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary where the Rhinos - a species that got extinct during the turbulent years of Uganda's political history is bred before being released back in wilderness of Murchison and Kidepo Valley parks where they had existed before. The rhinos were introduced from Kenya and United States on a 70 square kilometer land area which offers good views of animals by the visitors.

A continuation with trip is done through Masindi town - a brief stopover for lunch in town . The park is entered from Kichumbayo gate through a lush tropical rain forest of Budongo supports primates like the black and white colobus monkeys, blue monkeys, olive baboons, birds like the Abyssinian ground hornbills and other rare forest birds. Reaching the top of the falls marks the climax of the day's tour. At the falls you experience a 45 metre thunderous water dropping as it squeezes through a 7 metre narrow rock at a speed of 300cm per second. In the evening a transfer is made to the accommodation units of the preferred choice.

Day 2: Murchison Falls Uganda Tour - Game Drive and Water Cruise

An Early game drive is made on the northern bank of River Nile after a ferry crossing. The park is dotted with Borasses palms, acacia species that are food to elephants and Roth Child's Giraffes, the drive allows us to see elephants, savanna buffaloes, Harte beests, Uganda kobs. Birds like African hoopoes, Martial eagles, White backed and Griffon's vultures. Elusive cats like lions and leopards can luckily be seen close to the delta where river Nile enters into Lake Albert. The climax of this game drive is summarized by the view of numerous semi- aquatic hippos at the "hippo pool" where they rest from after an overnight grazing.

An afternoon boat cruise on the waters of the Nile where the falls are visited from downstream. A variety of animals like water bucks, elephants can be seen. The Nile crocodile can be seen basking on the banks of the river. An overnight in one of the lodges close to the Nile River.

Day 3 -

Drive back to Kampala City / Entebbe town