3 days Mountain Elgon - Uganda Tour

Day 1: Mountain Elgon

Mountain Elgon is a massive solitary volcanic mountain on the boarder of eastern Uganda and western Kenya, with 80 kilometres, the biggest diameter on earth. Its highest peak is 4321m above sea level. Driving from Kampala / Entebbe airport to the mountains takes a maximum through the eastern towns of Uganda; Jinja, Iganga and Mbale. Overnight in the Mountain wooden bandas at Kapkway station

Day 2: The mountain excursion

Early morning one day's climb on the wandering trails through stones and caves of Mt. Elgon to enjoy the volcanic features and the wilderness of the area. Some wildlife like Bushbucks, Black and White Colobus monkeys, Duikers, tree squirrels can be seen. Some birds whose range in Uganda is limited to the ranges; Spotted Creepers, Jackson's Francolins, Moustached Green Tinker birds, Hartlaub's Turacos can also be seen.
Overnight again in the mountains

Day 3: The Sipi Falls, Uganda Tour

Early morning drive down from the mountains and a visit to the spectacular 100m Sipi Falls that flows from the Volcanic Mountain (Elgon), a nature walk and site seeing around is very rewarding.
Mid-morning drive from Sipi Falls, again through Mbale, Iganga and Jinja towns to Kampala / Entebbe