3 days Chimpanzee Tracking Uganda Tour – Kibale Forest

Day 1: Driving

Kibale National Park (795sq km) contains one of the loveliest and most varied tracks of tropical forest in Uganda which is a home to a host of forest wildlife, most famously the 13 species of primates including chimpanzee - man's closest relative.

Located in western Uganda, 36 km from Fort portal town, a long drive is made through the towns of Mityana, Mubende and Kyenjojo to Kanyanchu station which is the hub of all ecotourism activities in Kibale including the chimpanzee tracking.
Accommodation around the park ranges from budget, midrange to luxury.

Day 2: Chimpanzee tracking - Kibale Uganda Tour

The activity is started with a brief by the park warden about the background of the forest, the dos and don'ts that have to be adhered to before and during the tracking of the chimpanzees, the Early morning tracking of the chimpanzee is done on the Grid system of trails in Kibale Forest with highly specialized guides who have habituated these apes for years.

The forest is the richest in terms of primates in Uganda, other primates like the L'hoest monkeys, the Blue monkeys, Baboons, Black and white and Red colobuses, Mangabeys.... can be seen. Fascinating ecological information is heard from the specialized guides. The activity takes a maximum of 4 hours.

Day 3: Return to kampala

After an early breakfast, we drive out of the Kibale conservation area through Fort portal, Kyenjojo, Mubende and Mityana towns back to Kampala.