2 days Lake Mburo Uganda Tour

Day 1: Lake Mburo Wildlife Tour

Lake Mburo a gem of a park conveniently located close to the western highway that connects Kampala city to the parks of Western Uganda. Though smaller than other parks, it boasts of varied landscapes, with galleries of forests, open savanna and acacia woodland, rocks, seasonal and permanent swamps and open water.

With its proximity to Kampala an early morning drive takes 3.5 hours to the park, and entering by Nshera gate allows us to search for a wealth of wildlife which this ecosystem supports we drive towards the lake for an afternoon boat cruise. On the boat we are able to see crocodiles as they bask on banks of lake, hippos resting in water after an overnight grazing, many birds including the rare African Finfoots, Pied King fishers, Hadada ibises, African Fish eagles, Palm nut vulture and luckily enough see the endangered shoebill. Accommodation: Budget and Luxury lodges are dotted in and around the park

Day 2: Lake Mburo Wildlife Tour

Early morning game drive to see animals - like the Common Zebras, Impalas, Oribis, Topis, Elands, Buffaloes and birds like scimitar bills, wattled lapwings, Red-backed Scrub Robins, Southern ground hornbills, Grey-crowned Cranes (Uganda's national bird) can be seen.
Afternoon - a drive back to Kampala

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